Different Approach to Biblical Training!

This Institution follows the model that Jesus used to train and teach the disciples. Many times Jesus taught his disciples one on one. Following the one on one session he took them out where they experienced ministry in operation. After exposure to the work and ways of the Lord, he would take them again to a certain place where he taught them more about the Kingdom of God.

Unity Institute works in partnership with Justice Fellowship International College, Raleigh, NC, Dr. Bobby G. McAllister; Founder & President.


To provide bible based instruction to ministers, leaders and laity that will equip them for work of ministry in the Kingdom of God. This institute seeks to provide sound biblical instructions at a reasonable time and affordable price.

Classes are held twice a month on Saturday.

Classes are taught by individuals who are born again, with many years of personal experience in the work and will of God. Each instructor possesses the educational credential and wisdom to teach.

If you are interested in participating in the Unity Institute, please contact UFCM @ 540-288-9253.