Singles Ministry

Pastor Overseer: Pastor Darin Pearson

Frequency of ministry fellowship and/or meeting:  Monthly

The Singles Ministry of UFCM is made up of a diverse group of people not committed to a marital relationship (or- a diverse group of unmarried individuals). This group relies on God to give them the companionship that comes with the union of a man and woman (or- relies on God to be their all and all). We are determined to grow with Christ and assist each other in staying strong in the Lord. Though the worldly desires come upon each of God's children, we remain vigilant in working together to remain pure and holy (or – consecrated for God's purpose). We discuss and agree that being single is not a handicap: we are powerful men and women of God growing together in unity and faith.

Our Mission is to be a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to the purpose of reaching out to singles in our congregation and community for the building of God's Kingdom. Devoted to meeting the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of our members (or we are devoted to mutual encouragement and leaning side propping for singles). The Vision of this ministry is to promote and provide Godly fellowship among singles. This ministry will encourage Godly living as examples for Christ, while living to glorify God and be instruments of love, peace, strength, and unity.

Any member interested in becoming part of this ministry must:

  • be at least 21 years old,
  • be Single (separated does not qualify),
  • possess a zeal for the ministry and willingness to serve,
  • be an active member of UFCM,
  • agree to maintain the confidentiality of matters discussed in meetings.