Parables (Formerly Drama/Silent Praise)

Pastor Overseer: Pastor Leonard Lacey
Chair: Sis. Carmen ross and Sis Tiesha Berley

Frequency of ministry fellowship and/or meeting: Weekly - more if the practice is needed for a scheduled ministry opportunity.

This ministry uses drama, primarily the art of mime, to minister the word of God, always using the scripture as our basis (foundation/solid rock) , accompanied by music. We have approximately 17 active members of this ministry, both male and female, ranging in age from 6 until...

Our goal is to minister the gospel and support the mission of UFCM. We take care to focus on ministry and not segue into entertainment. We minister at least every other month during 11:00 a.m. service, and when called upon by other ministries inside UFCM and outside with the approval of our Pastor. The songs we choose must be approved by the Minister of Music, particularly when we are ministering a message versus a gospel song, e.g. "Remember the Dream". We are strongly supported by sound, audio and video ministries, whose assistance allows us to minister in excellence, as we serve an excellent God. Our prayer is to continue to enhance this ministry through much, prayer and study. We also hope to learn sign language so that we can communicate more clearly through mime to yet another population (the hearing impaired).

To join this ministry, you must:
  • be a saved member of UFCM, attend church services,
  • take full advantage of the educational component of the ministry (Sunday school and Bible Study)
  • examine themselves before coming to this ministry in light of God's expectations for service
  • be committed to the Lord
  • be willing and able to give the time and effort it takes to minister through this medium in excellence, to include studying the word, practicing, and having the proper "tools of the trade"

We ask that the youth who participate be prepared to take time to learn how what we do illustrates the Word, and be of an age where they can focus during the practices. Everyone, regardless of age, should care enough to "hone their craft", not to be the best, but to minister in excellence.