Media Ministry

(Sound, Audio & Video)

Pastor Overseer: Pastor Leonard Lacey
Chair: Dea. Curtis Jones, Sis. Kimberly Smith

Frequency of ministry fellowship and/or meeting: Monthly

The media ministry consists of 3 components: sound, audio and video production. These ministries work together to support the mission and ministries of UFCM through the use of multimedia technology. The ministry consists of sound technicians, camera technicians, producers, and liaisons, creative and organizational supporters. These ministries work together to spread the word of God by providing sound and video during services and events and capturing the word of God through the production of special presentations, CDs and DVDs. This ministry supports all of the events of UFCM including Sunday services, Bible Study, Sunday school, and Special Events that require sound production, video presentation, and recordings.

The Goal of the media ministry is to minister in excellence to bring more individuals to Christ by ushering in the presence of GOD with Praise and Worship through the use of sound, audio and visual equipment and presentation. The mission of the media ministry is to maintain the sound, video and audio equipment associated with the production of audio and video media used by the ministries of United Faith Christian Ministry. The functions of the media ministry are to ensure that the audio/visual equipment are functional and operational to administer the word through sound and video presentations; Monitor/Record all services and events for archives and reproduction; support other ministry presentations that require the use of sound and audio visual equipment; and maintain a record of all archived audio and video presentation.

This ministry is committed to serving with faithfulness and excellence in providing an environment to the saints of UFCM to give God the highest praise and worship for those who come for Restoration, Reconciliation, and Revitalization.

Any member interested in becoming part of this ministry must:

  • be a member of UFCM,
  • possess a zeal for the work of God,
  • be saved & have attended New Members Classes,
  • be committed/dedicated to do the work of the Lord,
  • be obedient and trustworthy,
  • be willing to attend and support all Studies (Bible, Sunday school), Services, Events (Specials), Choir Rehearsals (Women, Men, Adult, Youth, Praise),
  • be focused, responsible and mature and;
  • be knowledgeable and/or willing to learn ministry techniques and how to use audio/visual equipment such as projectors, sound boards, mics, video cameras, computer systems/software. Individuals interested in joining this ministry should contact the church or ministry leads.