Education Ministry

Pastor Overseer: Pastor Belinda Tyson
Chair: Sis. Carmen Ross and Bro. Larry Harris (Bible Study); Sis. Peggy Spurlock and Sis. Alshaia Samuels (Sunday School)

Frequency of ministry fellowship and/or meeting: The Education Ministry communicates regularly via electronic e-mail and with individuals as needed. Once approved, during an orientation session, teachers are made aware of the support they can expect from the Education Ministry, what the ministry requires and expects of them as teachers. Additional group training sessions and/or seminars are organized on an “as needed” basis.

The Education Ministry is responsible for organizing and overseeing the entire education program of UFCM. This ministry facilitates growth in the principles of Jesus Christ and encourages daily study of God's Word, and regular attendance in Sunday school, Bible Study and specialized workshops.

Because we understand that it is not enough to know God intellectually, we:
•Coordinate and/or develop lessons that will improve the spiritual growth of the members through effective and immediately applicable Bible Study and Sunday school lessons.
•Produce and organize workshops and retreats that will enhance the development, creativity and effectiveness of our teachers, leadership and ministers.

Any member interested in becoming a Bible Study and Sunday school teacher must:
  • be a member of UFCM at least 6 months
  • regularly attend Worship services, Bible Study, Sunday school, church meetings, conferences and workshops
  • complete a Volunteer Participation Form
  • complete teachers' orientation